Author: The Real Optimist

A Divine Understanding

I finally received my Juris Doctorate degree, I finally received the degree that will open the flood gates floating on its chaotically calm whitewater rapids without care, the current effortlessly guides my path down the river of success, every treacherous bulbous rock easily avoided, my soul disseminates proverbial smiles triumphantly with jubilee.   I finally […]

Baked Coconut Turmeric Chickpea Rice

Not too many dishes get me overly excited. Baked Cococnut Turmeric Chickpea Rice is officially one of my favorite new side-dishes. Simply cooking this dish had me excited. The heavenly aroma as the sauce boiled had me anxious with anticipation. Cooking great food has been always been therapy for me. Especially, with all of the […]

African Vegan Juneteenth Dinner

One of my sisters requested that I make a special African or Bahamian inspired Juneteenth dinner, that included no meat! Being the great guy that I am, saying no was obviously not an answer. “Sure sis, no problem. I’ll get right on it!” Keep in mind this would be my first attempt at making a […]