About Me

My name is Curtis.
The Real Optimist!

“Live Live with No Regrets & No Excuses”



My name is Curtis aka The Real Optimist. Some of my many interests include: art, history, fashion, interior design, and all things technology. Recently making healthier lifestyle changes has become very important to me.

The Mission:

The Real Optimist: To create and provide content that inspires people to live more passionately and optimistically. 


Living a better life takes many different ingredients, sort of like baking a cake. It all starts at home. You will discover posts that will help you create incredible interiors spaces, recipe and food ideas and recipes for healthier living, and inspirational trinkets to keep you going!

Our world has sadly become one that places too much emphasis on negativity. It appears at every turn, especially on social media platforms. Here you will only find meaningful topics and undertones of the positive kind. If the previously mentioned statements resonates with you, then you are in the right place.