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Braised Lamb Red Wine Sauce & Peppers​

If you’re looking for a dish different from the norm you have found it. Eating lamb was always taboo to me until I mistakenly purchased some thinking it was ground beef.


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This savory recipe for the best chicken marsala, will leave your taste buds for joy!

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Harissa Bobotie Vegan Meatloaf

Try this savory, spice, sweet Vegan meatloaf – inspired by an authentic African meat based dish that can now be enjoyed by all!


Prosciutto Ham, Baked Pears and Mozzarella Burrata​​

A super easy appetizer that amps up the wow factor! Pears baked in honey and fine Italian balsamic, plus sweet burrata cheese, are rolled up in flavorful prosciutto di parma. Depending on the season, substitute with peaches or figs.


Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast

Step up your French Toast game with this delectable recipe. If you are a lover of strawberry cheesecake and want dessert for breakfast – here is the answer to your desires!

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