Grooming Tips Every Man Should Know

If you still believe male grooming is taboo we beg to differ. Long gone are the days of male scorn for taking care of himself. Are you less of a man because you want clean finger nails, take care of your skin, or even dress well? Hopefully, your answer is no to these questions. Women are more attracted to guys who look and smell well. Not to mention the increase to one’s own self-esteem!

1. Book Regular Appointments with Your Barber

I struggle keeping regular appointments with my barber. There are two main reasons: #1 The 2 or 3 days of relentless itching, especially, around the tapered edges. #2 Sheer laziness. When I am not working it’s hard to leave the house, because I don’t want to. 

Get into a routine of setting appoints once to twice per month with your barber. If you find yourself noticing you are in need of a hair cut, you can be reassured everyone else has too. 


There is nothing wrong with a man trimming his pubic hair. Your wife or girlfriend will be happy and surely reciprocate the gesture. Keep it sanitary. Remember the shaver for your face and pubic area should remain separate. If you aren’t sure where to begin check out these links for additional information: Manscapeing Made EasyManscaping Products, and Safely Shave Your Hangers


Do you remember that one teacher who’s classroom always had signature smell? I actually have been fortunate enough to have quite a few. As I set here typing this section those delightful smells are rushing at me all at once. 

Women love a man that has a signature. Funny enough the ladies at work always know what I’m wearing. Needless to say it boosts my self-image and ego. Visit your local Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, or favorite department store. Spend time testing each cologne. Finding the perfect scent for your body chemistry. 

Some of my personal favorites include: YSL L’ Homme Eau De Toilette, Tommy Bahama Signature Original, â€‹Versace Men’s Pour Homme Eau de Toilette Spray. 


Pick one day per week to exfoliate your face. This will get rid of all the dirt, grit, and impurities your face will get through the week. I would recommend choosing Sunday or Monday for this ritual. Each of the other days are simply “routine” or “maintenance” care. In other words we definitely want to wash our face everyday. You will see a better looking and longer youthful you!


Beards are all the rage nowadays. Seriously, I work in IT and there are many of my coworkers who are rocking one. I too have considered joining the beard brigade.

A well groomed beard is a must to keep your scruff looking sharp! You can’t have the perfect beard without a great beard trimmer. Spend the extra money to purchase one that is high quality. Here are a of TRO favorite beard timmers, Philips Norelco Series 7200, Andis Professional Trimmer, Braun MGK3060 Men’s Beard Trimmer, and Gillette Sylter. 

Learn How to Trim Your Beard with this Gillette YouTube Video

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Thank you for reading!