A Divine Understanding

I finally received my Juris Doctorate degree,

I finally received the degree that will open the flood gates

floating on its chaotically calm whitewater rapids without care,

the current effortlessly guides my path down the river of success,

every treacherous bulbous rock easily avoided,

my soul disseminates proverbial smiles triumphantly with jubilee.


I finally received a sense of peace in a heavenly decree,

I finally received the knowledge and secrets of life by the fates

as they loudly whisper in a voice of affirmation, “you are a royal heir,”

abstain from thoughts of self-doubt while wholeheartedly trusting the process,

permitting future blessings and opportunities to become deployed.


I finally received the gift of discernment, I finally can make sense

of the folly behind each erroneous mistake, I finally began to realize

that perseverance and consistency are life’s greatest weapons,

that success is born out of perceived failures and shortcomings,

that resiliency is the undeniable measure of one’s inner strength,

that daily growth is essential, that unwavering faith is essential,

that discipline is essential and invaluable, that my soul is overjoyed

as it sings, oh how it sings, scared hymns with an Angelic sound.


I finally have an understanding.

I finally have an understanding and smile and see my hard work

materializing after years of sweat, blood, and tears, I finally have

all the tools necessary to rule my universe with divine assistance

and humbleness, the force grappling my feet to the ground

keeping every lesson learned in perspective and my head out of the clouds.


I finally learned what few will admit, what few can achieve,

not because they are unable, I finally learned the secrets of this thing called life,

Open your mind and heart because you too are great and worthy,

everything the universe has to offer is knocking at your front door,

all you have to do is answer, and you too can learn the lessons I have learned.