Why I Never Leave the Grocery Store Spending Less Than $50

TRO Daily Thoughts

For some reason unbeknownst to me Fry’s, my local grocery store never gets less than $50 from me. Interestingly enough this is usually on unplanned, oh I need something visits. Take this evening for example. My original plan was to grab some juice and bottled water. How quickly that list grew. In addition, I purchased shrimp, lunch meat, cheese, a bottle of Absolut vodka, and vegetables. 

After much deliberation I decided to get some of the other items, for a live How-To cooking video that will be available soon. 

This is perhaps one of the few times the overspending was for something productive. Instead of being like a kid in a candy store, oh, and I want this, and I also need a little this and that. 

It would be entirely absurd to write a full grocery list for a quick stop to the grocery store. On the other hand it could as well stop my overspending as well. Perhaps from now on the solution will to only take enough money for the items on my mental list. If the money runs out, oh well. Mission “I didn’t spend $50” was a success.

Share your misadventures to the grocery store. Do you experience the same problem? How do you stay disciplined enough to buy only the items you went for? 

Thank you for reading!